Wrapped in History

The landmark of Patmos Island for decades

The legendary hotel has been the landmark of Patmos Island for decades, initially built in 1960 by the architect Miltos Dallas under the name Xenia owed by the Greek state until 1999. Locations of Xenia hotels were specially selected in the country's best spots built with distinctive and high-end architectural features. The renovated former Xenia Hotel, was renamed Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa.

Over the years, the hotel went through major renovations and restructuring of new venues which saved the Xenia of Patmos from its complete destruction. After further interventions, the seafront area of Grikos bay was upgraded as well and Patmos Aktis became the first and only five-star hotel in Patmos.

Currently, the old Xenia skeleton and the discredited bay of Grikos have been converted into a unique destination and idyllic island getaway without any compromise on quality.

The architectural project from the minimal concept to construction was implemented by the well known architectural agencies ISV ARCHITECTS & ARC MASTROMINAS ELIAS AND PARTNERS.