Plefsis tavern is famous for its authentic Greek recipes

The old-time favorite taverna "Plefsis" is the most genuine place to enjoy a unique magical sunset facing Grikos bay in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Over the years, the taverna's mission has remained the same: to serve authentic, home-cooked Greek specialties, fresh fish, and seafood as well as traditional appetizers that simply must be washed down with a glass of equally traditional ouzo.

Situated right on the waterfront along the azure coastline, visitors also enjoy the beach sand and the beautiful sunset stretching deep into the endless horizon. With a long gastronomic tradition, Plefsis tavern is famous for its authentic Greek recipes inspired mainly by the Dodecanese or local cuisine using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The setting is simple and uncluttered with touches of traditional classic taverna elements such as the colorful wooden chairs, checkered tablecloths, and a small pier with fishing boats.

The menu is a treasure house of unique flavors suggesting delectable dishes such as authentic Italian pasta, fresh fish from the nearby islands, hearty salads, a variety of dips for starters, meat appetizers, and many more delicacies. Everything is cooked with respect to its primary taste, using mainly olive oil. The menu changes as often as the sun sets. The daily specials are usually exquisite to please the lovers of delightful flavors.

PLEFSIS Menu 2023