Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment
and find the most effective way of becoming even more eco-conscious.
From energy management to addressing the rise in veganism and rethinking waste, we aim to keep our ecological footprint small.

Our sustainability policy is based on the following commitments, which comply with all the environmental laws and requirements.

Our practices:

• Air condition units are centrally programmed and managed to maintain optimal temperatures and energy consumption.

• Building management system controls all hotel functions in the most efficient way to save energy.

• Installed solar panels in our premises contribute to our electricity sourcing.

• High-quality equipment has been selected and installed for the air conditioning systems and domestic hot water production. In addition, heat recovery is used wherever possible, meaning that energy waste is minimal.

• For the lighting of the guest rooms and buildings, new technology lighting fixtures are used with low-consumption LED lamps.

• As water is an essential commodity, significant effort has been made to reduce its consumption and reuse. Fresh water is filtered and treated for safe use and grey water is reused to irrigate the land.

• In 2023 we will place a card in every room to indicate whether guests may want a change of linen daily.

• A charging station for electric cars will be available in 2023 at the hotel parking.

• We offer transfers to our guests with electric vehicles.

• We implement paperless practices whenever possible.

• In 2023 we will introduce a menu with vegan dishes.

• All water offered to our guests in the hotel comes in glass or paper bottles.

• We have significantly decreased single-use plastic material and plan to move gradually to single-use plastic free.

• Sanitization of all rooms with eco-friendly products for cleaning and disinfection.

• We support the local economy by prioritizing local procurement with local producers and suppliers.

• We encourage local recruitment.

• We sponsor like-minded foundations to support our efforts such as"All for Blue," a non-profit organisation with global actions. Our people participate in beach cleaning and maintenance and support All for Blue's educational and awareness initiatives.

• Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa is home to hundreds of different plants including many indigenous Mediterranean species.

• We value the local heritage and culture

Developing our future business will allow us to adopt more sustainable practices to protect and enhance the environmental value while considering the socio-cultural, quality and health & safety issues.