3 hours approx.

Photo Safari

This tour, covering the south side of the island, not only gives you the opportunity of discovering hidden places but also an opportunity to photograph the most amazing land and seascapes along with developing your creative eye, composing images from geometric forms and abstract patterns.

Our tour commences from the port of Skala where we will be taken by minibus to the old village of Chora, the island's capital and a photographer's paradise! Our first experience is a wonderful panoramic view right over the island and on turning our heads 90 degrees we get a glimpse of the 11th-century Monastery built like a fort, standing with proud dominance.

You will be guided through Chora's labyrinth of winding cobbled streets and maze of arched alleyways which offer you a feast of inspiration. The settlement of houses dating from the fifteen hundred with their whitewashed walls, reflect the light casting shadows and creating geometric patterns. The alleys, arches and doorways display a harmonious balance revealing subtle architectural details which, through your lens, can become exciting atmospheric images trapped in time. We continue with a drive to the top of the mountain of Profit Ilias, the highest point of the island - 269 meters above sea level. What more to say than from here the panoramic sea and landscape views leave one speechless!

Next, we make our descending drive to Diakofti stopping off to photograph the view of the mystical rock of Petra and then on to a boatyard. Here we will have the opportunity to photograph the local islanders at work and the streamlined shapes of vessels in dry dock. Refreshments can be had at a unique café - built on a boat with a sea view.

An unforgettable experience - you Will have a memory Of Patmos and its life, recorded with your own personal expression, in images to take home with you.