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Discover Patmos, the Island of Revelation

The allure of Patmos is spread across the island’s breathtaking natural beauty. The cultural treasures, the religious heritage, the archaeological sites of rich history, the undulating landscapes and the amazing beaches inspire visitors to further explore this graceful Greek charm. As soon as you set your foot to the island, you will be mesmerized by the unique Patmos experience!

Our Concierge team is available 24/7 to ensure that you immerse yourself in Patmos’ lifestyle and experience the very best of our destination. Let us inspire you with a collection of exhilarating experiences and make your stay at Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa an unforgettable adventure.

Explore the unique personality of Patmos with an experienced tour guide is a perfect choice for a private tour of the island.

Classic Monastery
~2.5 hours

The Sacred Island of Patmos lies at the northwestern extremity of the Dodecanese between the islands of Ikaria and Leros. An island of rare beauty captivating the visitor at first glance, with its picturesque harbour dominated by the imposing Monastery of St. John standing on the hill above.

Leaving Your Hotel, you take a drive to the impressive village of Chora. The Monastery of St. John is situated amongst gleaming white houses forming a startling contrast to its dark mass.

The Blessed Christodoulos, Servant of Christ, built the Monastery in 1088.

It has thick, high walls crowned all-around with battlements and a total of eight chapels. The courtyard is laid with pebbles and decorated with arches through which one can see the intricately designed frescoes adorning the chapel entrance.

The museum houses a magnificent collection of jewelled chalices, crowns and crosses. In addition, there are old writings dating back as far as 1073, icons and religious paintings including an original El Greco. Many exhibits from the library, which unfortunately is not open to the public, can also be viewed in the museum.

The tour then continues with a visit to the Grotto of St. John, taking the form of a 17th-century Monastery built around the cave where St. John lived for two years (95-97AD) during his writings of the Apocalypse. Inside one can see the stone which he is said to have used as a pillow.

Patmos Highlights

This varied tour is perfect for those who want just a little bit more.

The tour visits the Cave of the Apocalypse home to the birth of the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Holy Bible. In 95AD, at the time of the perscution of the Christians, St. John was exiled to the Island of Patmos where the vision of the Revelation was revealed to him in this small cave which has now become a place of worship and an important destination for pilgrims.

On leaving the Cave we drive to the old village of Chora, high on the hilltop where one will have the opportunity to photograph the breathtaking panoramic view over the island and discover the stunning architecture of houses dating from the fifteen to eighteen hundred.

Chora, the island’s capital, houses the 11th-century Monastery of St. John the Theologian. Here one can get a glimpse of monastic life and absorb timeless history through the magnificent ecclesiastical artefacts of its museum. Among the Monastery’s treasures are frescoes of the founder Christodoulou and miracles of St. John, ancient documents dating from the 6th century, vestments, silverware and numerous icons including a work attributed to El Greco.

From the Monastery, we walk through the winding cobbled streets of Chora to the house of Simandiris. Here we will have the unique experience of seeing the interior of a traditional Patmian house along with antique furniture, embroidery, and paintings collected over 8 generations of the Simandiris family members.

Before returning to the hotel we conclude our tour with a walk through Chora and browse the open-air shops.

Art and History

Our main destination is the old village of Chora, the island’s capital, which stands high on the hilltop looking down over the port of Skala. From here we will have the opportunity to photograph the breathtaking panoramic view, learn a little about the island’s historical background and discover the stunning architecture of houses dating from the fifteen to eighteen hundred.

After a short walk through the winding cobbled streets, we arrive at the House of Simandiris. Here we will have the unique experience of seeing the interior of a traditional Patmian house along with antique furniture, embroidery and paintings collected over 8 generations of the Simandiris family members. Just around the corner is the tiny Convent of Zoodochos Pigi built in 1607. On one side of the cobbled courtyard is the chapel, where we discover an array of recently restored 17th-century frescoes, the timeless art of the icon along with a beautifully carved icon wall. On the other side is a small gift shop where one can purchase handicrafts made by the nuns.

We will continue by foot through a labyrinth of atmospheric lanes winding their way past the foot of the Monastery of St. John to the Mansion of Nikolaidis. This historical homestead has recently been restored under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Culture to protect Byzantine Antiquities. After the fifteen hundred, Patmos enjoyed an influx of wealthy ship owners and merchants who built large luxurious houses displaying their powerful class and allowing them protection against numerous pirate attacks.

The Nikolaidis Mansion, built in the seventeen hundreds, is a wonderful example of these grand houses – an excellent exhibition showing not only the islander’s way of life but also a varied collection of local archaeological finds. On the ground floor, we find storerooms for foodstuffs, a cooking area with its original oven, water tanks for the collection of rainwater and its own private chapel named after St. Nickolas.

Three staircases lead to the 2nd floor where we find verandas, the formal reception room and the sleeping area, along with a magnificent ambataros (a separating wooden partition), decorated with traditional folk paintings. The ambataros is a grand status symbol of that time.

Before returning we can conclude our tour with refreshments in a beautiful environment with a spectacular view. A bit of shopping in Chora is also an option!

Photo Safari

This tour, covering the south side of the island, not only gives you the opportunity of discovering hidden places but also an opportunity to photograph the most amazing land and seascapes along with developing your creative eye, composing images from geometric forms and abstract patterns.

Our tour commences from the port of Skala where we will be taken by minibus to the old village of Chora, the island’s capital and a photographer’s paradise! Our first experience is a wonderful panoramic view right over the island and on turning our heads 90 degrees we get a glimpse of the 11th-century Monastery built like a fort, standing with proud dominance.

You will be guided through Chora’s labyrinth of winding cobbled streets and maze of arched alleyways which offer you a feast of inspiration. The settlement of houses dating from the fifteen hundred with their whitewashed walls, reflect the light casting shadows and creating geometric patterns. The alleys, arches and doorways display a harmonious balance

revealing subtle architectural details which, through your lens, can become exciting atmospheric images trapped in time.

We continue with a drive to the top of the mountain of Profit Ilias, the highest point of the island – 269 meters above sea level. What more to say than from here the panoramic sea and landscape views leave one speechless!

Next, we make our descending drive to Diakofti stopping off to photograph the view of the mystical rock of Petra and then on to a boatyard. Here we will have the opportunity to photograph the local islanders at work and the streamlined shapes of vessels in dry dock.

Refreshments can be had at a unique café – built on a boat with a sea view.

An unforgettable experience – you Will have a memory Of Patmos and its life, recorded with your own personal expression, in images to take home with you.

Remote Chapels

This tour is for those who want to discover the peaceful serene atmosphere that makes Patmos so unique. The tour will take you into the most distant corners of the island’s countryside to visit three small chapels and to experience the mystical harmony that exists between spirit and nature.

The tour starts from the port Of Skala where a minibus will transport us along the southern coastal road to the picturesque green valley of Sicamya. Here lays a tiny chapel surrounded by orange and palm trees. Renowned as one of the island’s oldest
chapels, it has a small adjoining cave where St. John was said to have baptized his followers. The atmosphere of both the valley and the chapel’s interior is a rare treat.

From here we Will drive to the northern part of the island past the village of Kampos and through some of the island’s most beautiful unspoiled landscape arriving at the fertile valley Of Kalogeron (meadow of the monks) on the northwest coast. Taking us back in time we see fields still being farmed with traditional methods, a threshing circle, livestock and a beach with small fishing boats. Here we Will visit the hermitage and chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary built in 1798 and home to the monks Parthenios Partheniadis (1798) and Amphilochios (1883).

Our next stop will be the chapel of St. Nikolaos (patron saint of the sea), about a 10-minute drive in a westerly direction, through a powerful rugged rocky landscape. Here we Will discover the wonders of fresco and icon painting, with walls and ceiling covered in biblical imagery.

Our tour culminates with refreshments in a perfect setting with one of the most charming and mystical seascape views of the island.

  • Private visit to Simantiri Mansion
    Discover the treasures of this unique mansion in Chora is a fascinating journey through time.
    The oldest mansion house of Chora Patmos, the construction of which dates back to 1625. Keeping its traditional and classic style, the mansion dominates the cultural character of the island and has even operated as a consulate during the Turkish Occupation (16th century?).
  • The Patoinos Agro-ecological domain tour
    A tour through the Vineyard, the olive grove and the Wine house finish at a beautiful balcony for wine tasting.
    Transfer from/to nearby islands (Kos, Samos, Leros, Mykonos etc). Transfer by private boats (rib boats) is also available.

Private Boat Excursions/Island hoping

For those who want to experience the beauty of Patmos Island and its unique islets and beaches:

Excursion 1 Tiganakia, Marathi, Arkioi, Makronisi, Aspronisi, Platy Gialos

Excursion 2 Tiganakia, Marathi, Arkioi

Excursion 3 Patmos Island round tour. Stopover at Psili Ammos Beach

Excursion 4 Psili Ammos only


Explore the other nearby islands:

Visit Lipsi winery

Situated on a hillside, overlooking one of their vineyards, visitors can sample wines during the summer months whilst enjoying panoramic views of Lipsi and the Aegean.

The Alfa Farm dairy plant

In this dairy plant, you will find local traditional products. Only 5 minutes’ walk from the port, Maria and Vartholomaios will guide you through the dairy plant, describe their unique story, and offer you samples of the tasty delicacies they produce.

  • Private tour guides for each experience are also available

Adventurous experiences 

  • Hiking on the trails of the island that either connect settlements with each other or settlements with monasteries and churches
  • Scuba diving / Snorkeling in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea (locations to be announced)
  • Water Sports adding some fun to your stay


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