Aegean Film Festival in Patmos Island

Today is the opening of the «Aegean Film Festival» which will last until July 31st. The Festival, counting seven years already, takes place every summer on Patmos Island, during the last week of July.

«Aegean Film Festival» includes a variety of activities such as seminars, screenings and events, at different points on the island (Patmos Cultural Center in Skala, Old School of Chora, Skala Primary School). Head offices are located in Skala, in Patmos Cultural Center, where interested parties may obtain the special pass, get individual invitations, be informed about the screenings / events or even chat with the festival’s guests and volunteers.

Divine Hotels, as well as in any similar organization, continue to support the festival ensuring its smooth and seamless operation. For more information regarding the «Aegean Film Festival» detailed program, please visit