Music concert with Maria Anamaterou

"Our life is like a lightening  but there is time" (N. Kazantzakis)

Following the poet's footsteps Maria Anamaterou invites us in a unique musical experience full of soul sounds.
Breaking all borders, we are led from sadness to joy, and finally to "ecstasy".

A team of four acclaimed musicians, led by Theologos Michellis, honor the project with their presence and boost it, proving in practice that culture is born through its ashes...

In Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa, for a single appearance, on Saturday 20/8 at 21:00.

Maria Anamaterou

Theologos Michellis
Violin, music editing

Dimitris Varelopoulos
Lute, bouzouki, vocals

Alexander Kapsokavadis
Guitar, Vocals

Theodoris Kouelis