Share the sunshine!

Send a slice of Greek sunshine to the world and win a trip to the Aegean Islands.

Having the stunning Aegean as a background, with the sun guiding you through the Aegean aura, the new digital campaign «Share the Sunshine», spreads the Greek sunshine around the world.

Choosing from a list of pictures or alternatively, uploading a favorite photo including sunshine, users, associate it with a default message and create their own sunshine, illuminating their summer. At the same time, they have the opportunity to share it with friends online, while automatically take part in a competition to win a trip for 2 people, in two enchanting destinations in the Aegean, Kos (Kos Aktis Art Hotel) and Leros!

Using the hashtags #sharethesunshine and #aegeanlikenoother, through the official Discover Greece and the Aegean Islands Like No Other social media, the sunshine generated enriches the content of the campaign «Share the Sunshine», spreading the Greek sunshine and therefore, sending an open invitation to everyone, in order to enjoy unique moments at the Aegean sea.

Share the sunshine and let the Greek summer take you to the Aegean islands…