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One day trip to neighboring Islands – Patmos Island tour

Explore the Aegean neighboring Islands of Patmos with a powerboat and a one-day cruise. Get a dose of peace and quietness with a trip to Patmos' nearby areas or beaches, most of them accessible only by boat.

Using a private, 10 meter long skippered motorboat, you can enjoy a private powerboat cruise exploring neighboring Islands, Islets or beaches, accompanied of course by an experienced skipper. There is a variety of recommended routes you can choose from, discovering and exploring landscapes of natural beauty such as sandy beaches, rocky islets, turquoise-colored waters, outstanding crystal clear seascapes, coastal blossoming trees, colorful seaside flowers and numerous traditional, unspoiled Greek houses in isolated areas.

You may choose from the following recommended routes:

  • Makronisi - Aspronisi - Tiganakia - Marathoi - Arkoi
  • Plati gialo (Leipsoi) - Katsadia - Makronisi
  • Plati gialo (Leipsoi) - Tiganakia or Marathi & Arkoi – Agrielousa
  • Tiganakia - Marathoi - Arkoi – Agrielousa
  • Island tour of Patmos

Arki: Arki (ancient Arkitis) is the largest of a group of islands, north of Lipsi. The islanders live of fishing. You have the feeling that Arki is forgotten. Far from tourism, the island is lost is its mystical peace and tranquility. There is only a single village with stone houses, a cafeteria where you will find beach necessities or clothing and two restaurants, which we highly recommend for lunch, offering fresh fish and seafood. Opposite Arki, you can find the island of Marathi, on a fine sandy beach. You can reach it in about 25 minutes, starting from Grikos.

Marathi: There's something about Marathi Island that seems to exude tranquility, a feeling which is almost absorbed through the skin, just as the rays of the sun. Often, there seems to be a problem in the effort of dragging people away from this small, secluded island. It is really tiny: a curved sheltered bay with many small coves, in which you can navigate. The pier divides the bay into two sandy sides with sheltered waters, suitable for swimming. There are also two restaurants which will most definitely satisfy your hunger, offering seafood and fresh fish, literally from the sea to your plate. You can reach it in about 20 minutes, starting from Grikos.

Tiganakia: Perhaps the most popular spot for swimming for those familiar with the area. This is a huge clean pool, where you can simply swim for hours. The color of the sea: crystal-blue and the seabed, sandy. The water is so clean that you can see everything without a marine mask. There is no surface to get off and walk around, but you can simply indulge in incessant diving. You can reach it in about 25 minutes, starting from Grikos.

Additional information: A one-day power boat cruise usually takes place from 10:00 am to 18:00.
The boat can host approximately up to ten (10) people including the crew.
The duration of the journey varies, depending on weather conditions (wind intensity, wind direction etc).

Your boat, your schedule!

Interested parties may also choose a route of their own preference than those recommended above. There are a number of alternative options, such as a tour to Tragonisi, (the island seen opposite the hotel), a visit to the stone of Kalikatsou (the huge rock that juts out of the water and looks like a sculpture in the sea on the right side of the hotel) or an island tour of Patmos, discovering the coastline of the Island.

Feeling the need to be left alone?

An option to be transferred and dropped off in one of the nearby beaches is available, in order to enjoy additional privacy and soak in nature. The pick-up time for the return is scheduled upon request in coordination with the skipper/driver of the powerboat. Some indicative the beaches are Psili Ammos (5 to 10 minutes), Monastiri (10 to 15 minutes), Prsasovouno (5 to 10 minutes) and Kampanaria (5 to 10 minutes). The estimated time may differ due to different weather conditions.