Apocalypsis Restaurant chef on NovaSports channel

Christos Xeraxoudis, chef of Apocalypsis restaurant, prepared one of the favorite dishes for the season, live in Novasports.gr channels, in order to promote Patmos and its local gastronomy, during the 53rd Aegean Rally (offshore sailing race), on Sunday 17 July 2016.

The Aegean Rally is one of the major sporting events of Greece and Patmos was an island of great importance during the 53rd Aegean Rally. The International Aegean Sailing Rally is a regatta with a long history, organized every year by the HORC (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club). It is the oldest and most splendid sailing event in Greece and has also been characterized as a Marine Marathon. Since 1964, it gathers contestants from all over the world and Greece. The island of Revelation was chosen as a symbol of the event, due to its important role in the aegean culture and its incomparable genuine Greek beauty.

Dish prepared:
Grilled octopus
Yuzu marmelade / «fava» from Santorini / tomato spoon sweet from Kos

Watch the video below (Greek audio):