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The company under the name “PATMOS AKTIS SINGLE MEMBER S.A.”, having its registered seat in the municipality of Patmos (Postal Code 85500) (the “Company”), acting as a Controller, notifies the person (“Data Subject”) that visits/ uses the website (the “website”) about the following:

1. Use of the website by minors

The website is not meant for use by data subjects under the age of fifteen (15) years old. Any processing of personal data of data subjects under the age of fifteen (15) years old in the context of the website is carried out once the consent of the holder of the parental responsibility has been provided.

2. Purpose of processing of personal data and relevant legal basis

The Company or/ and third parties acting on the behalf of or at the discretion of the Company/ Processors (e.g., IT companies) may process personal data of the data subject:

  1. for the completion of the Company’s communication with the data subject, upon relevant request of the data subject, through the form of communication. The relevant processing of the personal data of the data subject may be held on the legal basis of its consent, which consists of the positive action of completion of the form of communication; or
  2. for the better function of its website and the amelioration of the navigation into it, by using cooking. Learn more in relation to the use of cookies in the website here or
  3. or the protection of the Company’s interests on the legal basis of the relevant right of the Company which prevails over the interest or the fundamental rights or freedoms of the data subject or the foundation, exercise or support of the legal claims from the Company.

Finally, in respect of the processing of the personal data of prospective employees, in case of the sending of their CV through the website, learn more here.

These personal data are retained for as long as it’s required by the nature of the processing, in connection with the period determined by the relevant legislation.

3. Recipients of personal data

Recipients of the personal data is the Company itself as well as third parties/ processors on behalf of the Company, upon the relevant assignment of the processing to them by the Company (e.g., IT companies). The Company reserves the right to disclose information about the data subject, if the legislation introduces the respective obligation or the relevant right or if such disclosure is required by court’s decision, prosecutor’s order or recommendation or decision of other person or administrative body being competent by law to oblige for the disclosure of such information.

4. Non-transfer of personal data outside the EU

The processing of your personal data in the context of the website in held within the European Union.

5. Connection with third parties’ websites

Any connection of the present website with other third parties’ website through specific links, hyperlinks, banners etc., does not constitute the acceptance of any responsibility by the Company with regard to the context of this website, the quality and the completeness of any products or services which are presented there or the policy which is adopted there in relation to the processing of the personal data. The data subjects have to take care themselves for their information about the protection and the processing of their personal data by the above websites.

6. Data subjects’ rights

The data subject has the following rights:

  1. to receive a copy of the personal data maintained by the Company, including other information relating to the way of the processing;
  2. to request the correction of inaccurate personal data and, in some cases, to request the erasure or the restriction of its personal data;
  3. to object to the processing of its personal data;
  4. to request the erasure of its personal data;
  5. to request a copy or a copy of its personal data to be disclosed to another company (portability right) (to a machine- readable format), where the processing is necessary for the execution of an agreement;
  6. to withdraw its consent in relation to the processing of its personal data in the context of the website;
  7. to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority ( with regard to the processing of its personal data by the Company.

If the data subject wishes to obtain more information/ to be notified in relation to the processing of its personal data or to exercise any of the above rights, please send an email to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) exclusively and only at the email address:, or to send a letter to the aforementioned email address, being other means of communication explicitly excluded (e.g. by fax or phone communication).

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