Plefsis Traditional Tavern

Greek delicacies by the sea

On Grikos Bay, right in front of the sea and with a view to Kalikatsοu and Tragonisi, «Plefsis» traditional tavern serves seafood appetizers and traditional delicacies of high quality, since 2012. The whole scenery, with colorful wooden chairs, checkered tablecloths and a small pier with fishing boats looks like an old Greek movie set. Each year, the menu is being formed with additions based on the new discoveries of our chef and his team, who spend a great part of the winter seeking forgotten local recipes, either in the available bibliography or by interviewing islanders and village residents. All dishes are mostly inspired by the Dodecanese cuisine and Greek tradition, while only fresh and seasonal ingredients are used.

Our purpose is to revive traditional recipes and to evolve the local cuisine, so that our travelers are able to enjoy the islands’ history, the purity of the basic ingredients and the delicious food flavors prepared by people who have passion for cooking. Our menu includes a variety of fish, from haddock and garlic dip to shrimps, accompanied with handmade pasta, fresh fish from neighboring islands of Leros, Kalimnos and Leipsoi, local vegetable salads, an interesting variety of dips, different kinds of meat and many summer recipes of traditional Greek food cooked in olive oil, such as stuffed peppers and zucchini flowers. All herbs used by our cooks come from our private vegetable garden. Daily, the attentive «Plefsis» team writes all specialties on a blackboard.

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