Plefsis Traditional Tavern

Greek delicacies by the sea

Square tables with checkered tablecloths are arranged onto the sand, right by the sea. They come along with purple, white, pink and red straw chairs, while reed roof umbrellas with white poles, resembling whitewashed tree trunks, protect them from the sun. Old fashioned feta cheese metallic cans are spread all over the area, serving as parsley and basil pots. Geraniums, olive trees and chrysanthemums are planted in various corners, giving you the impression of dining in a homey courtyard. There is a balcony with a few tables at the center, with a nostalgic, brownish, mosaic floor and colorful flowers at the entrance window sills, from which delicious aromas escape.

The whole setting reminds you of an old Greek movie. Right in front of you, in the small concrete jetty, local fishermen, wearing their traditional caps and light colored shirts, tie their boats and unravel their nets for the next catch. Spiros, Grikos' seagull-mascot, either dives in order to cool off or approaches people in order to pinch a delicacy or two. The loudspeakers softly broadcast authentic Greek music, from Poly Panou and Stratos Dionysiou up to Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Haris Alexiou, while waiters guide you to a showcase where you choose fresh fish for yourself. There is an outdated blackboard presenting «today's special», written with chalk. That moment, when you drink the first sip of iced ouzo, unwittingly flushing your lips from the saltiness of the sea, you realize that there is nothing truer than summer in Greece.

As soon as you give your order, goodies made of Greek, local products start landing on your table. Authentic flavors, based on the purity of raw materials: red, fleshy tomatoes, musky olive oil mixed with capers, fresh vegetables from local gardens, that only need a couple of walks into your frying pan to fascinate your palate, seafood appetizers to accompany your glass of raki or ouzo, such as squid, octopus and salted mackerel, are only some of the specialties on the list. In «Plefsis», this authentic tavern that provides apart from exquisite dishes, magnificent views of Tragonisi and «Kalikatsou», you are able to revive that carefree summer of your childhood.

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