Greek Breakfast

Homemade buffet

Impatient, you start heading towards the first meal of your holiday. You arrive at «Apocalypsis» restaurant and realize that this breakfast will be like no other. A summery, morning aroma dominates the area, a fresh salty sea breeze cools your face and the sun, timidly appearing among the tamarisk trees in front of the restaurant, begins to illuminate the sea. The all-white setting along with the white-washed pillars resemble a traditional house, creating intimacy. While you overlook the tranquil turquoise waters of the bay, there is no other place you wish to be enjoying this hearty breakfast.

All breakfast options are offered onto the restaurant's marble surfaces, forming a rich buffet. Homemade pies, eggs cooked in every way, breads of all kinds, fresh cakes, a variety of cold cuts and cheese, traditional Patmian recipes, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, pralines, honey, jams, fresh fruits. Greek products are in abundance, constantly reminding you that you are spending your holidays in the picturesque Island of Patmos. The buffet's presentation by the restaurant's chef and his culinary team stands out, remaining loyal to the restaurant's authentic Greek identity and their persistence in promoting Greek gastronomy. Besides, it could not be otherwise since pure Greek products are used, both local and foreign. It no coincidence that «Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa» was among the first 100 hotels to receive the «Greek breakfast» certification, by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. The program’s aim is to highlight regional gastronomic wealth by using fresh, Greek, products, in order to enrich hotel breakfasts with local and traditional recipes.

Do not go far if you are searching for the famous cheese pie of Patmos or the traditional «pougki». The breakfast served in «Apocalypsis», which you may also enjoy in your room, offers all local and traditional recipes of the island. Therefore, do not be surprised if you spot any locals, since the rich and well known breakfast of «Apocalypsis» attracts apart from hotel guests, fans from all over Patmos. One thing is for sure: once you wake up, you will be looking forward to your breakfast!

Greek breakfast

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