Apocalypsis Restaurant

Reviving Dodecanese recipes

Whitewashed stone pillars hold up a white wooden awning. Among them, large candles in glass bowls resting on low benches, create a mystical atmosphere. Three greenish olive trees planted in white pots, converse with the tamarisk trees on the beach. As you look up at the moon, generously offering light to the bay of Grikos, you hear waves splashing. There is a cooling evening breeze while you, infatuated by the simplicity of the environment, try to order. «Apocalypsis» is no ordinary restaurant. When in the area, you get the impression of dining in a friend's courtyard, who owns a villa in the most magical place in the world.

Ιt is no accident that chef Hristos Xeraxoudis choses to enrich the restaurant's new menu with alternative versions of Dodecanese recipes. For him, the revival of genuine Greek cuisine using pure materials from your home, consists the core of his philosophy. This season, he prepares a menu using genuine Greek products as a backbone, creating tasteful combinations that perfectly highlight old traditional recipes from the Dodecanese and the neighboring islands. Τhe slowly cooked lamb in low temperature with a herbs' crust, sour trachana, mizithra cheese and cherry tomatoes confit, the stuffed onions from Syros with pork, celery and leek, knob celery purée and thin pasta «Capellini D'Angelo» as well as the pork from Kos with black pig cheeks, bulgur and crispy chickpeas, form three alternative versions of traditional island recipes. On the other hand, the white grouper in artichokes textures, consists a characteristic sample of his techniques, presenting not only a complete culinary identity but also balanced and tasteful combinations.

Of course, the seasonality of vegetables and the freshness of all raw materials play a decisive role in the quality of this neat catalogue. Both fish and seafood, apart from the local ones, mainly come from Leros or Kalymnos, whereas the carefully chosen meat, from standardized Macedonian farms. A key secret to all dishes' genuine deliciousness is the chef's obsession to avoid spices. Instead, he follows the recipe of our ancient ancestors and persistently chooses beneficial herbs, collected either from the hotel's or from a neighboring garden. Oregano, lavender, rosemary, fennel, mint and spearmint are protagonists, ensuring an authentic, natural, flavor in every meal.