Apocalypsis Restaurant

Reviving Dodecanese recipes

Cosmopolitan, awarded, graceful, dressed all in white and with a sea breeze softly touching its tables, «Apocalypsis» restaurant of «Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa» in Grikos Bay is one of the most popular gastronomical destinations of the Dodecanese Islands. Since the summer of 2010 when it first opened its gates, the restaurant offers a creative menu with Greek dishes, in which different cuisines from around the world come together. However, despite the obvious influences in culinary techniques by international trends, the basics remain the same: ingredients from the Dodecanese, fresh seasonal products, picked with respect from the great Greek earth. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to preserve the quality and genuine fine taste of our dishes.

Year by year, our menu is evolving. New dishes are introduced, fresh ideas regarding combining materials in a more original way are developed, more and more local products are used by chefs and the local gastronomical identity is injected with modern culinary techniques. In this complex procedure of processing materials, ideas, techniques and traditional recipes, the result is dishes with balanced and intriguing flavors created by enthusiastic people, who are eager to offer an unforgettable experience to all travelers. Next to the food menu, you may find our wine list which proudly includes brands from all over Greece, and especially from local wineries. Also, if travelers do not wish to have dinner, they may only enjoy a glass or bottle of wine right next to the sea, served with a fine variety of cold cuts and cheese.

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