Apocalypsis Restaurant is among the 46 restaurants where you can experience the revival of Greek cuisine, according to Athinorama magazine.

Apocalypsis: Elegant interpretation of Greek cuisine.

It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the Dodecanese: right by the sea, harmoniously resting on a white deck, it constitutes a natural continuation of «Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa». Located on the award winning Grikos Bay, the talented chef Christos Xeraxoudis embodies delightful flavors from Far East into the rich legacy of Greek cuisine and proposes dishes with aromatic intensities and charming textures. Some characteristic creations are the shrimp's sagakaki with lobster and tomato biscuits, accompanied by a feta cheese biscuit, cherry tomatoes and spearmint oil (the chef's personal interpretation of the beloved Greek appetizer), octopus with fava Santorini, spoon sweet tomato from Kos, yuzu marmelade and dried onion and finally, the black cod with smoked eggplant purée. The impressive tasting performance sums up with an ideal baba au rhum, with mascarpone ice cream and vanilla flavored Madagascar cream.

You can read more here and the whole article regarding the revival of Greek cuisine, from Athinorama magazine, here. (both links are in Greek)