Dionysus: Routes du vin

September... the month of vine harvest!
Autumn clearly gave its place to summer and unfolds full of surprises.
Pamper yourself & your loved ones moments of warmth, relaxation and detoxification, enjoying the beneficial effect of wine, in Anasa Wellness & Spa.

A combination of body mask, exfoliation and steam bath will deify red grapes and offer an absolutely intoxicating experience. Shower in red wine, with the use of a loofah and then, after the hammam, enjoy the application of grape mud. Your body is utterly detoxified. The anti-aging effects of wine form a secret elixir of rejuvenation and stimulate your cells. Suitable for damaged skin.

Duration: 60'
Price: 90€ - 65€ per person

Special offer:

Hammam: 30' = 15€ - 7€ per person
Sauna: 30' = 15€ - 7€ per person