Back to nature!

5 highlights of natural beauty that will impress you

The entire island of Patmos, from wherever you stand or find yourself, looks like painting. Plane trees, natural bays, picturesque beaches, traditional mansions and of course, the view from Chora and the Monastery, can barely describe the beauty of this island.
There are some spots, however, that should not be missed, when on the island of Patmos. It is our duty to present them, even briefly, below..

The hermitage stone «Petra» οr «Kalikatsou»
Walk to «Petra» on foot, in order to enjoy the physical environment on the way. Vineyards, creeks, lunar landscapes, colorful rocks, trees, blooming flowers of all kinds and local fishermen. After passing by all these and much more, you reach the well known Petra. Hard to be missed, as it proudly stands into the lagoon of Grikos bay. A carved rock, which betrays its story when you approach it closer, since traces of living ascetics are quite visible. If you dare to climb to the top, we advise you to be careful both in climbing up and down, as surface can be sharp and slippery. Once you reach the top, the view compensates you. Admire the physical environment and the beach of Petra, through the "stony windows" of the rock!

Prophet Elias church
At the highest point of Patmos, at a height of 269 meters, a tiny whitewashed chapel stands alone. Watching Ikaria and the entire island literally under your feet, the view and the rocky natural environment around, will be imprinted in your memory forever. Of course, as an open secret, do visit that point when the sun goes down, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most graphical sunsets in your life. Still thinking about it?

Livadi geranou (Gerano’s meadow)
Watching the little island of St. George opposite, to which you can actually swim, you will be impressed by the charming environment! Natural shades from tamarisk trees, your relaxed mood and a quiet, sheltered bay. What adds value to the environment are the islands that seem to float on the water surface, as well as the view you have on the monastery of St. John the Theologian, when you turn your head and look back. If you decide to go a little bit further, continue for about one kilometer, to reach the Virgin Mary of Geranou. From this spot, you will have the opportunity to gaze at one of the most dramatic sunsets in Patmos.

A not very well known spot, since the beach of Chochlakas is not considered one of the most attractive ones on the island. Staring at Ikaria Island in the distance, the sunset is happening now, next to you. We brought you up here, because literally, you can embrace the sun!

Chora - Monastery
One of the most popular spots on the island, could not be absent from the top five graphical places. As you arrive in Chora, you can literally watch the shape of the island ahead. The higher you go, the better the view! With the monastery of St. John at the top, standing like a castle, you feel like travelling in time. Medieval, traditional, aristocratic, picturesque Chora. The bougainvilleas and the Aegean blue interrupt the empire of white in the alleys, forming the village. A traditional labyrinth of white- washed stony paths, leading wherever they want. So what if you get lost? You won’t want to go anyway!

All these and so much more are hidden here in Patmos, a mystical yet graphical, Island. Still looking for reasons to visit?