Presentation of the new book from Kostas Krommidas «Do not forget me*»

«A bright path is revealed. A breathtaking true story begins to unfold passing through Ioannina, Galaxidi and Patmos. A little blue flower, hidden inside a letter, conceals a great secret..»

Just how can one let the past be forgotten...

Patmos Aktis Suite & Spa hotel along with Dioptra publications, kindly invite you to the presentation of the new book by Kostas Krommidas, «Do not forget me*», on Sunday, July 26th 2015, at 20:00 at the hotel premises.

For the book, director of, Mrs. Jenny Balatsinou and the President of the Cultural Center of Patmos, Mrs. Nomiki Mavrou. The event will covered musically by the musical band «Arxi / Telos».

We would be happy to welcome you!