Hair & nail salon

From top to bottom

Calmness is a one way street as you walk towards this room. Here, time literally stops. The first thing you notice as you enter the area is a permanently stopped clock always showing the exact same time, confirming what every traveler wishes: that time stops for a while. If you feel you need a dose of pampering, this is the right place. Apart from the huge, leather pedicure chair with a marble basin bath at its bottom, there is also a manicure section, with several baskets full of colorful nail polishes. Moving into the opposite side of the room, you find a white bathing armchair and a round basin, where experts will take care of your hair. There is a wooden counter with a large mirror in the opposite direction, suitable for professional make-up services. Cylindrical and elaborately folded, the all-white plushy towels are found in nearly every room or cabin at the spa, adding an artistic touch to the tranquil ambiance.

This room forms an attractive beauty salon. Hair and professional make-up services are exclusively offered upon request, therefore travelers are strongly advied to contact the spa's reception in order to book their appointments.

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