A healthy mind in a healthy body

Moving to the central area of the spa, heading towards the cabins, the wooden circular candles on the floor form the only illumination in this questionable path. This diacritical semi darkness provides the necessary coziness in this glassy cell from which you don't want to escape. Into the first room of this glass labyrinth, you find a fitness room, with cardio machines (bikes, elliptical and treadmill) and some fitness machines for specific muscle groups (back, legs). In absolute symmetry, different weight dumbbells are positioned on the right side of the room, on a bench suitable for specialized training, right next to the glass door of the room. You may notice figures of people working out undisturbed as you pass outside the fitness room, since visibility is limited, blocked by horizontal circumferential bands on the glass.

Separate changing rooms and showers are available, both for men and women, in order to prepare before or after training. Individual lockers are also available, you may ask for keys at the spa reception. Towels, personal bathrobes, slippers and disposable underwear are provided, while personal training services can be offered only by appointment. The indoor pool may be used at any time, within spa working hours.