Anasa Wellness & Spa

A wellness labyrinth

Geranium, ginger, violet, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, orange blossom, coriander, lily and ylang - ylang. A plethora of scents raises your interest and inevitably leads you to the inferior level of the hotel. The aroma of essential oil cinnamon and ocean breeze, mysteriously awakens your senses. The element of water is dominant. Τhe decorative pool from the upper level is circularly mirrored in the marble floor right in front of your feet, giving form and shape to the diffusing moving light. Like an invisible projector, it enlightens the reflected water that rhythmically dances on a perfectly round blue platform. A cool sensation of freshness embraces your body from your toes to your face, as you enter the indoor pool area. At the far end of the room, you find a hydro-static pressure mechanism from where water, falls fiercely over the surface of the pool. The absolute silence in the area is only interrupted by the reliable sound of the moving water. A wellness labyrinth unfolds, inviting you to discover it. Blindly, you trust the warming presences of the area, leading you through a delightful path of wellbeing.

Dark, earthy shades which soothe your eyes and mood, preparing you for the state of emotional peace that will follow. The atmosphere is romantic with lanterns, lighted candles on the floor, hidden lighting and gentle music, motivating you to appropriate the looseness of the area by trying some of the various massage techniques or face / body treatments. And then you reach the cabins, rooms dressed in fifty shades of the earth: brown, beige, gray, khaki, ecru and white. You notice brown cylindrical leather pillows and wooden beds in light tones. White, plush towels are folded roundly on each bed, with water lilies resting upon them. Almost black, wooden ladders leaning against the walls stand still on white pebbles around the floor. Fuchsia flower wreaths are hanged on the walls, evoking carefree feelings. What particularly characterizes the cabins and creates a mystical atmosphere are the monastic bronze utensils, hanging like tin cans. They effortlessly persuade you that there is a process which will reverently lead you to a state of body cleansing and serenity. And at that moment, just when you realize that your holidays' cheerfulness does not fit room for improvement, you come across the couple's massage cabin that promises moments of pure delight with your loved ones.

The temperature literally... goes up! The Rasul room, decorated in Ottoman, Turkish style adds authenticity. Rasul treatment uses mineral-rich mud components, along with heat and steam. It addresses all five senses, using light and sound effects, providing a holistic tranquil experience. Suddenly, a smell of wood and steam is vivid. Bio sauna (thermal bathing) is a mild form of sauna, which pleasantly eases your body and soul. Bio sauna forms a way of detoxification, purification and redemption. The peaceful atmosphere of the area spreads a veil of mystery, creating a serene mood, a truly intense emotional arousal. Just like the intense aura of Patmos, overwhelming every visitor.

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