Anasa Wellness & Spa

Passion for wellbeing

Many moments full of absolute relaxation and wellness, away from worries, troubles and any other stressful thought. That is exactly what «Anasa Wellness & Spa» in the Grikos Bay offers to its guests, the only five-star spa in the island of Patmos and one of the most popular in Dodecanese. It is considered the best destination of the summer if you need to relax your body and invigorate your mind with the salutary effects of optimism and positive energy. The whole philosophy is based on the principles of Hippocrates about wellness and to the exclusive use of Greek plant products. The rich variety of body and facial treatments and the various massage techniques that are being offered combined with the scent of the natural oils ensure a holistic experience of relaxation and invigoration. A customer may also choose to receive a personalized program by the experienced and trained employees of the spa, based on the customer’s specific needs.

In general, the «Anasa Wellness & Spa» is fully equipped and its modern establishments, apart from the cubicles and the massage bed on the beach, include a sauna, a steam shower, an indoor swimming pool, a big training room equipped with specific exercise machines, dumb bells and floor exercise mats, and a small retail store with all the necessary beauty products in a variety of sizes, as well. Moreover, inside the spa you can find a «beauty salon» where the visitor may have a new haircut or a nail treatment, or book a professional massage appointment. Lastly, for the visitors that intend to stay in the island for more than thirty days, special discount packages are available in many of the spa services of our hotel. All it takes is a subscription to the «Anasa Club» and the selection of a suitable time period.

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