Recreation in a safe environment

As you follow the flowery path right outside of «Theion Sea Bar», you notice the playground on your right. A place suitable for children, reminding you of a traditional alley. The playground is not visible from most sides of the hotel. The surrounding plants and trees generously add an element that should not be missing from any childhood: that of nature. Overlooking Grikos bay, the natural environmentis is, once again, impressive. It gives away that emotional excitement you feel when you first climb into a swing, or when you roll over a slide for the first time. Roses, laurels and rosemary are fragrant and along with the white-washed background, maintain the traditional character of the hotel.

The main playground equipment in the center, looking like a tree house, consists of a wooden slide and a climbing rope. There are two swings right next to that and a little further, you find three children's seats and plenty of space to be used as a free-playing section. Along the playground, you notice scattered toys on the floor and children playing carefree. They run with no fear since the floor, in brick red shades, is made of such materials so as to protect the little ones when they fall. All children must be supervised by their parents, who are considered responsible for their safety.

When you find yourself in the hotel's playground, you instantly understand why it provides a unique entertainment experience for young guests. The perimeter is enclosed by a white wooden fence, providing a sense of security. Birds are tweeting and you sense all natural elements: flowers, earth, wood and sea. And then, you suddenly find yourself feeling like a child.