Ammos boutique

Greek brands only

The Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa retail store started its operation in 2010. Initially, at the store’s hangers and shelves you could only find clothes, bathing suits, flip flops and beach accessories by international houses, mostly from Italy and France. However, the rise of the Greek fashion industry and of the local production of various products, apart from clothes, affected the store’s philosophy. Gradually, more and more Greek brands were included in the store’s collections, until in 2018 it was decided that the store would be transformed into a high class boutique and to be evolved as an ambassador of the Greek fashion industry in Patmos. There was a renovation inside the store, so the customers would be able to easily and rapidly combine their choices and create complete set of clothes, business agreements with Greek designers were made, the boutique was named “Ammos” (Sand) to remind everybody of the Greek summer, and a business logo was created.

Our new trademark is a fingerprint, which symbolizes the creativity and passion of the designers. Nowadays the renewed boutique “Ammos” offers a great variety of Greek bathing suits, sandals inspired by ancient Greece and the Greek islands, straw beach bags, hats with original designs, impressive caftans, scarfs, clothes and towels for adults and kids. A very important part of our boutique is our jewelry collection, which includes golden bracelets and necklaces, earrings with precious stones, original rings and amulets. Every visit to our boutique is like an interesting and short tour into the world of the rising Greek fashion, where modern international trends are combined with influences by our homeland, our mythological figures, the history of every corner of Greece and of course the personal story that every designer wants to share with the world.

Items available:

-Bathing suits



-Beach accessories (bags, towels, hats)



-Shoes (sandals, flip flops)