Finesse beneath your feet

You notice the wooden female figure above the little decorative pool, opposite the reception. Her body is surrounded by an all-white translucent caftan, below which you detect a swimsuit, naturally in summery shades. Advised by the reception, you arrive at the lower level of the hotel where you face a charming area, full of colorful caftans and scattered swimwear. This elegant area oozes refinement, giving the impression of wandering around an elegant shopping alley, like the ones seen at the traditional Chora, on Patmos.

In the interior, you find different kinds of beachwear, essential for your summer walks by the sea. «Christian Zen» cotton towels, in creamy, summery shades, comfortable «coco mat» slippers, «Amazonas» sandals and elegant «Christian Zen» caftans in various designs and colors, add style to whichever summer look you choose. You may also find Greek swimwear «Despi», bikini or one piece, placed on wooden shelves or into round baskets, lying on the floor. What will certainly not go unnoticed are the various handmade jewelry mounted onto wooden furniture - antiques. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, badges in various lengths and designs, with colorful gems, all elegant and handmade by «Vanessa Geroulanou». This so neatly decorated place is full of artistic elements, reminding you of a famous designer's boutique. Like a little jewelry exhibition, with gold being the basic element, and a huge mirror in order to try all these stylish jewelry. You feel as if being into a vintage showroom, where finesse and elegance prevail. Wooden shelves and benches filled with hats, scarves, swimwear, sarongs, jewelry, towels, slippers, bags, all in summery colors, as if one made them stand that way on purpose, so harmoniously next to each other, making you eager to try everything, adding color to your holidays and wardrobe.

Of course, a dominant element of the area is the Greek character, elaborately spread in the area due to half pieces of ancient amphorae, scattered onto the wooden shelves between Panama hats, swimsuit or jewelry. And in order not to leave anyone unhappy, there are also men's swimwear and slippers on site. You may even buy sunscreen or selected cigars. Summer images are flooding your mind; you're only just a breath away from your dreamy vacations. Naturally, sandals could not be missed, as they will comfortably lead you to the heavenly bay of Grikos in order to enjoy moments of relaxation and tranquility.