Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa

Blessed accommodation

Dazed by the heat, with heavy legs due to the exhausting lifestyle of the winter, you get up from the white sun bed and stand up. You walk two steps into the thick sand and your feet are eager to enter the blue sea. Overlooking Tragonisi, you take a long dive in order to cool off. Once you come back to the surface, life has a more optimistic flavor. Fishes bite your feet and seagulls land near you, while the sun paints the water surface with golden stripes. Released from all stressful thoughts, since saltiness burned all the anxiety, you feel blessed to be worthy of such a dive. Greek summer at its best. That is exactly what happens in the hotel «Patmos Aktis», you create experiences that will inspire you for a lifetime.

And it’s not only the long dives in optimism that will remain memorable during your stay in the revived Xenia. Your long afternoon strolls in the outdoor area of the hotel create the impression of walking in Chora. White-washed stone walls, picturesque alleys decorated with all kinds of flowers leading you from one neighbor to another and well preserved gardens compose this contemporary white province of 56 rooms and villas. The mystic ambiance forms a feeling that you are lost somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the sun following every step of your personal exploration.

Here, luxury comes hand in hand with complete relaxation. The construction materials won’t dominate you, you are free to wander, enjoy the salty air and solely discover all these elements that invisibly combine the hotel with the island’s historical and cultural identity. The riddle of this unconscious, yet existing, discovery already starts from the lobby area, where you notice a red inked signature on the wall, behind the reception desk. It represents the contract with which, in April 1088, Alexios A’ Komninos handed over Patmos to Saint Christodoulos in order to build the Monastery of Saint John the Evangelist.

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