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Local Sightseeing

The Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologos

It's a castle-monastery on the main Land which dominates on the island, with walls 15m high, exuding the feeling that it's a huge fortress. Particularly, this bulgy constracture in the pirate period, sometime in the 16th Century, was truly being operated as a fortress within it the island inhabitants took refuge for protection.

The Holy Cave of Apocalypse

The Holy Cave of Apocalypse is situated between "Skala" (='Stairs') and the Land and is a trip that connects the past and the future which is awe inspiring.

The Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

The Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is located in the Land and was founded on 1607 from the monk "Parthenio Pagkosta", who dedicated it to Christ the Savior and his Mother.

The Holy Monastery of Evagelism

The Holy Monastery of Evagelism is located in the area of the Gardens at the western region of the Land. The establishing of the Monastery is dated approximately on 1963 from the monk and great spiritualist "Amfilochio Makri".

Hermitage of Prophet Elias

It is located on the western part of the island and it's the highest spot of the island, approximately 270m providing to travelers a unique scenery. Also, if the weather is clear you can see the Greek islands Lipsi and Leros as well as the neighboring country Turkey.

School of Patmos or "Patmiada School"

Since 1713 the School of Patmos or else "Patmiada School", constituted as the spiritual centre of the island since it provided education in various siginificant personalities of Greece, such as "Emmanouil Ksanthos", establishing member of "Filiki Etairia", and contributed on the spiritual awakening and rebirth of the Greek Nation.

The "Simantiri" Chateau

It is located in the main Land, in Neochorion area, next to the Monastery of the Fountain of Life and it is a significant local chateau which was changed into a Folks-Culture Museum and Cultural Monument.


The wonderful small forest of Koumaro is located on the road before the place of "Lampi" and it's one of the three forests with "koumaries" that are being protected in Greece.

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