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Easter in Patmos

Experience Greek Easter on the island where the Apocalypse was written.

Visit the castle - monastery of St. John, one the most important Orthodox monasteries.

Enter the awe-inspiring Cave of Apocalypse, the place where St. John the Evangelist lived when he "heard a great voice" instructing him to write the Book of Relevation.

Witness The Washing of the Disciples’ Feeton Maundy Thursday. The Abbot portrays the role of Christ who washed the feet of His disciples before His Crucifixion. On this day, a stage as a platform is constructed in the square of the capital village Ηóra. The Abbot, after washing the feet of 12 monks, steps off the stage and heads for a sacred place to pray, reminding us of the way Jesus followed towards the Garden of Gethsemane.

On Maundy Friday, the reenactment of the Deposition from the Cross takes place in the Monastery of St. John On the same evening, Epitaphs of the various churches fill the narrow cobbled streets and paths of the island to meet at the central squares of Ηóra (a UNESCO world heritage site) and Skála (Patmos’ port).

In the evening of Easter Saturday, the Monastery opens its gates to welcome us for the celebration of the Resurrection. When “Christós Anésti” (Christ has risen) is heard, an impressive display of fireworks light up the night sky.

On Eastern Sunday, you can attend the “Liturgy of Love”, in which the "Gospel of the Resurrection" is read in seven different languages and including Ancient Greek.

Live an unforgettable experience in Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa. Our staff will be more than happy to inform you about all the preserved Greek and Byzantine Christian traditions. At our restaurant, Apocalypsis, a traditional Greek supper will be available at the night of Resurrection. On Eastern Sunday, enjoy another well prepared menu, including deliciously cooked lamb, as Greek tradition suggests.

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